Pizza & Kringle Fundraiser a Success !

Thanks to everyone for efforts in selling in our fundraiser, and coming to get your Kringles and pizza in a timely fashion.  Enjoy these awesome products, thank you also to Racine Danish Kringle’s and our local Crazy Bear Pizza for supporting our club.

Racine Kringles/Grizzly Pizza order pick up

Pick-Up Sunday morning Dec.14th. 

At the high school west Parking lot by the football field 

Please plan on picking them up between 8:30am – 10:00 am on Sunday.
Please write a single check to “Mukwonago Wrestling Club”, If you bring Cash Please bring exact amount. If you can’t pick them up that day, please notify me, and make other arrangements.

1st practice Tuesday Dec. 2nd

• Dec 2nd 1st practice & Turn in your Kringle/Pizza sales and apparel order.
(If you are still interested in wrestling this year please contact Randy Dusing)   ASAP

Practice times are 5:30-6:30 for K-3rd and 6:45 to 8:00 for 4th grade– 8th grade.

• Dec 14th (Pay & Pick up) Kringle/Pizza Order from 8:30am to 10am at the Mukwonago High School Parking Lot.

MWC Sign-Up/Annual Meetings -Wed & Thurs Nov. 5th & 6th

The Annual Sign-Up Meeting is Wednesday Nov. 5th and Thursday Nov. 6th

6:30pm  Mukwonago High School and Class room 124

Wednesday Nov. 5th is Sign-Up/Annual Meeting for K-3rd graders…. Mukwonago High School and Class room 124
Thursday Nov. 6th is Sign-Up/Annual Meeting date…. 4th-8th graders. Mukwonago High School and Class room 124

No need to bring your wrestler(s) to the meeting it is an informational meeting for the parents. But if you need to we will have the wrestling room open with supervision.

There are 4 positions on the board up for election: President, Vice President, and 2 Directors Positions.  If you are interested (email me) or know someone who is interested, need to be nominated (or self nominated) by the Wednesday Nov 5th meeting as voting will talk place on place both days and then totaled…

First Practice : Dec 2nd
Session 1 is 5:30 to 6:30 PM for younger/less experienced kids (K-3rd)
Session 2 is 6:45 to 8:00 PM for older/more experienced kids (4th-8th)

Coach Dusing

Electronic Registration is now open

Mukwonago Wrestling Club
Love the Battle – Love to Wrestle

A new Mukwonago Wrestling season is right around the corner. Once again, we are going to collect all wrestler information electronically. Below is the link to log in and register for the 2014/15 season.

After clicking on the link you will be asked to enter a username and create a password

· The first screens you will be verifying your “parent information” make any changes needed.
· You will need to acknowledge that you have read, understand and agree to the MWC Code of Conduct and the information in the Concussion Packet.
· Then you will add your wrestler(s), if they wrestled last year they will appear as a button to add.

After completion of adding wrestler(s)
· Print out your Registration form
· Bring registration form and payment to the annual meeting – Mukwonago High School - Room 124

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade - Wednesday, November 5th

4th Grade – 8th Grade - Thursday, November 6th

The meetings start at 6:30pm sharp !!!
We will complete registration after the Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting should take about 30-45 minutes.
It consists of details and information about the upcoming season, as well as voting for the Board position openings; President, Vice-president and two director positions.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in any of these positions, please nominate or self-nominate by contacting Coach Dusing, or nominate at the Wednesday Annual Meeting. There will be voting at both the Wednesday and Thursdaymeetings.

The registration should go very fast as we will simply collect the forms and payment, issue you the USA card(s), hand you an envelope containing the Fund Raiser information along with some other key club documents and answer any questions you may have.

If you’’ve outgrown your wrestling shoes and want to donate them to the club, we will make the available for $5 for any wrestler who wants them.

If you have any questions or problems pre-registering, let me know.

See you November 5th or 6th!
Mukwonago Wrestling Club Board

Aaron Schulist wins Triple Crown.

Aaron Schulist completed the last two legs of the Triple Crown by winning both the Freestyle and Greco State titles this weekend. Aaron went 5-0 in each style, winning both titles by defeating Jon Bailey from Lacrosse Area Wresting with a tech fall in freestyle 12-2, and a tech fall in Greco 10-0. In March he had won the state Folkstyle title.

In other action the Jeff Ksobiech also won a state title in Freestyle with 2 pins.  Luke Stromberg placed 3rd in both styles securing a pin in the final round of freestyle. Luke Eliszewski placed is 3rd in Greco and 4th with some outstanding wrestling  and Tyler Goebel placed 6th in Freestyle wrestling 8 times, then lost a tough match in the semis in Greco then puts him in the top 6.

Also competing in 1 or both style s and embracing the strategy of “Throw or be Thrown” but unable to place were Cody Goebel, Zach Eliszewski, Evan Herbig, Aaron Lewis, Jacob Wisinski, Buckley Bischel, Max Berrios, Mike West, Aric Bohn and Andrew Lewis.

2013/14 MWC Grizzly Awards

Rookie of the Year wrestlers
K-2nd Riley Lord
3rd-4th Brayden Whittier
5th-6th Eric Czubkowski
7th-8th Kyle Ranney

Most Improved Wrestles
K-2nd James Madden
3rd-4th Zevin Para-Cremer
5th-6th Cole Hansen
7th-8th Justin Eichler

K-2nd Landon Ryan

Captain Awards
3rd-4th Jake Adams
5th-6th Aaron Schmitz
7th-8th Michael West

Grizzly Awards
K-2nd Caleb Schreiber
3rd-4th Zach Eliszewski
5th-6th Buckley Bischel
7th-8th Aric Bohn

Outstanding Wrester Awards
K-2 Josie Stachowski
3rd-4th Haiden Baxa
5th-6th Tyler Goebel / Lucas Benn
7th-8th Aaron Schulist

Toby Ackerman Award
Aaron Schulist

Josie Stachowski, Aaron Schulist, Lucas Benn and Tyler Goebel win State Titles

Mukwonago Grizzlys has 4 State Champions !!!

What a great weekend !!, The Mukwonago Wrestling Club took 16 qualifiers to the Wisconsin state Folkstyle wrestling championships and finished with 7 place winners including 4 state champions.

The championship round began with Josie Stachowski at 55lbs in the Championship match.  Josie earlier moved through the bracket with a bye, a 16-0 tech fall, and a pin in 2:32. She preceded to shutout her Luxemburg-Casco opponent with a 6-0 win the finals to stand on the top step at awards.

Aaron Schulist was next at 100lbs in the 1999-2000 division to take the mat for a chance to win a state title. Schulist had advanced to the title match with 2 pins and a 14-0 major decision.  Aaron who was laser focused quickly took down his DC Everest opponent put him to his back with a pin in 1:01 for the 2nd Grizzly State title.

Lucas Benn at 76lbs in the 2001-02 division was the 3rd Grizzly to take a championship with an exciting 6-4 overtime Sudden Victory win over his Advance School of Wrestling opponent.  Lucas got to the finals with 2-0, 8-3 and 4-0 wins in his preliminary matches.


The final championship was won by Tyler Goebel at 81lbs in in the 2003-04 division winning a hard fought 2-1 victory over his Waukesha opponent, who had beaten him in the regional championship. Tyler worked his to the finals with 2 major decisions and a pin.

3 additional podium place winners were Hailey Porter, Aric Bohn and Jake Schulte. Hailey at 120 lbs. placed 3rd by going 3-1. She started the day with a pin, however dropped her semifinals match by a 10-3 margin. Then followed with a 8-1 and 5-4 win to finish in 3rd place.  Aric Bohn placed 4th in the 240 weight class in the 1999-2000 age division with some of the most exciting matches in the tournament.  He opened with 1-0 win, and followed in up with a double overtime pin. In his semifinals he lost in triple overtime match 2-1 on a ride-out. He then finished with a pin but then lost a match 1-0 to finish 4th.  Jake Schulte in the 1999-2000 division at 85lbs placed 5th. Jake started with 2 wins 4-3 and 10-3, he lost his semis match to the eventual champion.  Battled hard in the consolation semis with a 5-4 OT lost in an exciting match that could have gone either way. Finishing with a 5-4 win over his Coleman opponent to place 5th on the podium.

In other action in the age group 2005-06 Zachary Eliszewski went 1-2 with a 12-3 win in his opening match. Aaron Lewis gave it his all but finished 0-2. in the age group 2003-04 Alex Jacobi at 78lbs went 1-2 with a 6-2 win in his 2nd match.  Haiden Baxa at 87lbs finished 2-2 leaving him 1 win from placing.

In the 2001-02 age group Luke Eliszewski  76lbs, Justin Eichler 115lbs, Michael Josephson 125lbs and Jeffrey Ksobiech 185lbs all went 1-2 with Eliszewski winning 6-2, Josephson winning 4-3, Ksobiech winning 7-4 and Eichler getting a fall.  Luke Stromberg at 110lbs battled hard but was unable to secure a win.

Our 16 Grizzly state representatives made us proud with their effort, battling in every match, we are proud of their and the entire team’s accomplishments in the club this year.

Club Banquet/Aw​ards April 13, 2014 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Club Banquet/Aw​ards Sunday April 13, 2014 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Mukwonago High school Cafe

Please RSVP with how many will be attending so we can plan seating and beverages….


We will be serving Roasted Pork and Roasted Chicken..

We are asking each Family to bring a Dish to pass… see list below

If last name begins with A-F please bring a Main dish (hot dishes, cheesy potato’s ect…)
If last name begins with G-K please bring an Appetizers
If last name begins with L-R please bring  Salads
If last name begins with S-Y  please bring  Desserts
Reminder to please return your club Singlet, either at practice Tuesday/Thursdays or last chance the Banquet on Sunday

MWC qualifies16 for the State Tournament

Congratulations to the following MWC wrestlers as we had 16 qualify for the State Tournament and 3 more as Alternates.

Josie Stackowski Girls 2005-06 55 Champion
Zachary Eliszewski Boys 2005-06 63 RunnerUp
Aaron Lewis Boys 2005-06 105 Champion

Alex Jacobi Boys 2003-04 78 RunnerUp
Tyler Goebel Boys 2003-04 81 RunnerUp
Haiden Baxa Boys 2003-04 87 RunnerUp
Hailey Porter Girls 2002…-04 120 Champion

Luke Eliszewski Boys 2001-02 76 RunnerUp
Lucas Benn Boys 2001-02 76 Champion
Luke Stromberg Boys 2001-02 110 RunnerUp
Justin Eichler Boys 2001-02 115 RunnerUp

Michael Josephson Boys 2001-02 125 Champion
Jeffrey Ksobiech Boys 2001-02 185 Champion

Jake Schulte Boys 1999-00 85 Champion
Aaron Schulist Boys 1999-00 100 Champion
Aric Bohn Boys 1999-00 240 Champion

Buckley Bischel Boys 2001-02 85 Alternate
Aaron Schmitz Boys 2001-02 88 Alternate
Alex Larson Boys 2001-02 120 Alternate