Grizzly Point System

Mukwonago Wrestling Grizzly points

We always encourage you to set some goals each season. Whether it’s a State championship, the # of wins this season, the # of tournaments you attend, or the 100 pushups without stopping, something you hope to be able to complete by the end of the wrestling season. They are all goals. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, or an experienced wrestler; goal setting allows you to focus on objectives that you want to achieve. Then write down the things you need to do to achieve that goal


One way we will help you set those goals is with our Grizzly points program.

Grizzly points will be awarded for a number of things; practice attendance, attending tournaments, for pins, wins and push-ups. These points will be tallied for the Awards at our year-end celebration.

There are 3 levels of achievement:

There are 3 levels of achievement: Bronze, Silver and Gold

The number of points for each level very with experience and grade

New Grizzly Point system
pre k Rookies 10 points pre-K experienced 10 points
k-1st Rookies 23, 29, 35 k-1st experienced 29, 35, 41
2nd Rookies 29, 35, 41 2nd experienced 41, 49, 57
3rd Rookies 29, 35, 41 3rd experienced 41, 49, 57
4th Rookies 35, 42, 49 4th experienced 47, 56, 65
5th Rookies 38, 46, 53 5th experienced 50, 60, 70
6th Rookies 38, 46, 53 6th experienced 50, 60, 70
7th Rookies 38, 46, 53 7th experienced 50, 60, 70 (26, 32, 39 Parkview)
8th Rookies 38, 46, 53 8th experienced 50, 60, 70 (26, 32, 39 Parkview)


There are a total of 30 points available by attending practices. We will be awarding 1- Grizzly point for every practices that you attend, plus 5 bonus point for perfect attendance. But you need to remember to sign in for every practice.


Any wrestling tournament you attend starting in January 1st to March 18th is worth 3 points. An addition point is given for each win, with a bonus point given for a pin. Wrestlers are limited to 11 tournaments for Grizzly points scoring.

Bonus Points:

From time to time we will be giving bonus points the move of the week, such as push-up contests, or for other activities.

Your ultimate goal should be to practice to be at your best for the Regionals in March.

Goal Setting Guidelines

Make your goals personal.

Make your goals challenging – yet realistic

Write your goals down and Post them where you will see them often.

Believe in yourself!

Please see me if you would like to discuss your goals – Coach Dusing