Post HS Scholarship

Mukwonago Wrestling Club Scholarship Program

The Mukwonago Wrestling Club established this monetary scholarship program to emphasize the importance of further education as a key to success.  We believe that the sport of wrestling instills a work ethic in our wrestlers that they apply both on and off the mat.  This work ethic when applied to education will benefit our wrestlers to reach their potential.  We have established qualifications that are meant to show the commitment these wrestlers have had to both the club and the sport of wrestling.  The wrestling club’s goal is to encourage students to seek education in fields of interest whether in the form of a 2 or 4-year college, apprenticeship, US Military branch of service, or short-term training resulting in certification.

Wrestling Participation Requirements:

A qualified scholarship participant will have:

– Minimum of 8 full wrestling seasons total

– 3 full seasons minimum Folkstyle with Mukwonago Wrestling Club

– 3 full seasons minimum Freestyle/Greco-Roman with Mukwonago Wrestling Club

– 2 full seasons minimum Mukwonago High School Wrestling Team

Education requirements:

             Must be a Mukwonago High School graduating senior to apply for this one-year scholarship.

Post k-12 Education requirements:

            Must be enrolled in a qualified educational program

  • 2-year college program (ex. WCTC, Gateway Technical College, …)
  • 4-year college program (ex. UW college system, Virginia Tech, …)
  • Apprenticeship (ex. Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Pipe Fitters, …)
  • Certification program (ex. CDL, Software, Cosmetology, …)
  • Branch of the US Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Space Force, Air Force)

Scholarship monetary amount:

            The amount of $3000 per year will be used to fund this program.  Each qualified applicant will receive an equal share of the $3000 not to exceed $500.

Applications must be filed by July 1st of your graduation year. 

Submissions require sending name, address, a brief explanation of how wrestling helped shape you, and proof of enrollment in post k-12 educational program to

The club will research the student’s participation history.  The student will receive a letter of congratulations and a check written to the student to use as they see fit.  If the student does not qualify for the scholarship, they will be sent a rejection letter explaining which requirements were not met.