Award Banquet 2022

Happy 2021/22 Season!

We had our end of the season banquet for wrestling this past Sunday. What a year it has been. We climbed to over 150 wrestlers, making us the 15th largest club in the United States. What an accomplishment.

This has been a huge growth year for us and it would not have been possibly without our Board members and our Coaches. I CANNOT thank these groups enough. Our board has supported and driven so many activities throughout the year. And the coaches giving up so much time during the week and also traveling around the tournaments to help the great group of wrestlers that we have.

I also have to thank all of our clubs families. We have had an outpouring of support form all of you. From the Pizza making (5000!!) to our tournament, you have been there to help make these activities happen. And in that we have been able to support and provide more to the kids.

What a turnout for the end of year even. Thank you all for coming and thank you again for the year.

All these kids have worked so hard and we are proud to give out the awards. With so many kids we are happy to post the awards on our Award History Page for all to see. Congratulations to all the kids and all there accomplishments.

We even had High School Coach Mr. Wierzbicki stop by to congratulate the 8th graders. Thank you Coach for taking the time to stop by.

Jon Wierzbicki congratulating the 8th grade wrestlers.