Kringle/Pizza Orders DUE SOON


ORDERS DUE Nov. 27th

There is still time to earn a prize. If you have reached the prize level please make sure to fill out the Prize Order Form. We are coming to the point where we have to submit our Kringle/Pizza Fund Raiser results.  Orders are due Nov. 27th which is only one week away.  Where possible, please have your orders submitted prior to the first practice which is on the 27th.  To submit your results follow the instructions below.

Go to and click on “MWC Member Access“.  Once there you will log in.

From there you will click “Kringle / Pizza Order“:


Now you will click on the “Click Here to begin order” which will take you to this site:


Fill out your order information and then click the “Save Order Changes and Continue” button.  Doing this will take you here:

From this screen you will review your order and then click the “My order is correct – SUBMIT ORDER” if everything is correct.  If you require changes then click the “I need to MAKE CHANGES to this order“.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to anyone on the board.