Minimum Skills K-1st

K-1st     Mukwonago Wrestling Club Minimum Skills

In order better prepare and ensure our Club wrestlers are ready to wrestle in tournaments we are requiring each wrestler to pass a minimum skills test. We have developed a ladder of skills provide a visible scale of improvement. Before entering competition wrestlers we will be tested on those skills based on his age level. Wrestling tournament competition carries with it lots of pressure for the unprepared wrestlers. We have lost in the past members due to an unprepared entry into tournament competition? Wrestler isn’t having fun when you get pounded in his first few wrestling experiences. Almost as bad, is a kid winning on poor technique, therefore discouraging the development of proper skills. All MWC wrestlers must pass his Age-Level set of minimum skills test to earn their MWC singlet to wrestle in tournaments.

Most skills have been video-taped and are on our web site.

Basic Skills test:

(Feet) Proper stance, movement.

Demonstrate Proper Stance and Movement (forward, back, sideways)


Set-ups (beat the hands)

  • Demonstrate a “Post set-up” when opponent reaches for you catch arms under elbows,  lower level
  • Demonstrate “wrist control set-up”
    • Option 1: pull wrists apart, penetration step.
    • Option 2: snap  wrists straight down, as he pulls back up, penetration step.


(Leg attacks) Takedowns

  • Demonstrate a Good Take down Penetration (lower level, “step forward” Step 6-12 inches, , Knee ” drive knee to mat; hips and chest should be touching opponent)
  • Demonstrate a Double leg takedown- Penetration step between legs, head outside, finish behind.


Takedown counters

  • Demonstrate your sprawl skills  kick feet back, land with your weight on opponent,  chest on shoulders, spin behind)


(Bottom Position) Escapes and Reversals

  • Demonstrate good bottom base (Butt all the way down, head up, weight off hands.)
  • Demonstrate Stand-Up (Get 4-finger control, drive back, head and shoulders up, post inside foot, push back to feet, push opponents hand  to your hip, back step out, finish in stance)
  • Demonstrate the Counter from a 1/2 Nelson (head look up and away from half, post hand on mat, push your head away & up)
  • Demonstrate Belly to Base (bring opposite knee up, pivot over knee back to base)
  • Demonstrate Bridging (post feet on mat, arch on feet & top of head, hip hoist to belly/knees)


(Top Position) Breakdowns and Rides

  • Demonstrate good Top base (right leg behind opponents butt, left knee down by ankle, left hand on opponents elbow, last- right hand on bellybutton
  • Demonstrate Far Knee/far Ankle breakdown (move belly hand to ankle, move elbow hand to knee, drive sideways with chest, collapsing the hips, ideally finish to 1/2 nelson)
  • Demonstrate Hooks & tell why important
  • Demonstrate Counter to Stand-Up (lift/return to mat) Lock/Unlock hands.
  • Demonstrate breakdown to Belly, then to 1/2 Nelson (elbow deep)



  • Demonstrate Locked Hands, and explain that it’s a penalty
  • Demonstrate Full Nelson, and explain it’s a penalty