Letter from a Mom

From a mom’s point of view…

Preparing your child for a wrestling tournament

Make sure your child gets enough sleep the night before a tournament.

  • Most people take a warm up suit or sweatpants and sweatshirts for their children to wear over their singlets. (At times, the gyms can get very warm and you can slip these off easily and have their singlet underneath.)
  • Pack everything a child needs the night before for a wrestling tournament, (headgear, wrestling shoes, etc.) and place in a gym bag.
  • Everyone is responsible for his or her own items. If you happen to take a “hand game,” you should put your name on the back of it.


  • Most families need to leave their homes around 6:30 AM. Plan to spend most of the day at the tournament — most are over by 3:00 PM, but they can last longer.
  • Tournaments usually start with registration and weight- in from 7:00 to 9:00am
  • Each tournament will have an entry fee of $15 to $20 for each wrestler.
  • The wrestling usually starts between 8:30 and 10:ooam
  • Wrestlers are either divided first into groups by grade (K-2), (3-4), (5-6), (7-8) or by date of birth, then by weight and often by wrestling experience into groups of 4 wrestlers.

This group of four wrestlers will wrestle a round robin, so unless there is a bye, each wrestle 3 times.

Food for the wresting tournaments

  • Every tournament usually has a concession stand that furnishes food. At times, the food purchased at these tournaments can be expensive.
  • It never hurts to bring Tylenol, Pepto Bismol, etc. for a child if they have an upset stomach, headache, etc.
  • Several people pack their own food in coolers. Kids get really hot after wrestling and they do need drinks (preferably water).
  • Most tournaments have a cafeteria with several tables that you may use to set your coolers on, but some wrestling tournaments do not allow food in the gym.  The gyms get rather warm, so make sure the food in your cooler stays cool.

Transportation to the wrestling tournaments

  • We will be usually set up a meeting place / time such as a “Park & Ride” and caravan.  If not we try to find a spot on a mat as a team so look for teammates.
  • The web site should have Tournament details and directions on map-quest, make sure you know how to get to the tournament location.
  • If your child would like to wrestle but you cannot make it, and fell comfortable, set up a ride with another parent or meet us at the designated location.

Other items

  • You are not required to go to any of the tournaments. Sometimes the kids get tired and they need a break away from the tournaments.  It is a decision entirely between you and your child.
  • Because wrestling is a contact sport, cleanliness is a must. Please bandage any cuts or scrapes well, as they will not be allowed to wrestle with them exposed.
  • Speaking as a Mom, you should relax, breathe and be there to support your child.  Let the coaches’ coach and let’s enjoy another great wrestling season!