This club provides an opportunity to learn the Olympic style of wrestling.  These styles are extremely exciting and very different then the folkstyle that is used in the school systems.  Folk style is what is done in grade school, middle school, high school and collegiate levels. The season for Greco and Freestyle goes from March to April and is for the more advanced wrestlers. The practices are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm each week.


Greco-Roman wrestling is a world-wide wrestling style.  it has been held in every Olympics since 1908.  This style is purely an upper body sport.  It does not allow holding anyone below the waist.  This is the largest difference between the folkstyle that is taught throughout the regular season.  We will use this extended season to show all the rules and different style of moves to use for this type of wrestling.

For this style we work to develop the wrestlers core. Working on their core will give them great awareness of their position and leverage.


Freestyle is another world-wide style that is also used in the Olympics.  This style has been part of the Olympics since 1904.  Freestyle wrestling brings together traditional folk style wrestling , judo, and sambo technics.  The rules are very different then both Greco and Folkstyle.  This includes receiving points just for turning a opponents should towards the mat and there is no 3 count for a pin.  As soon as both shoulders touch the mat the opponent is pinned.

For this style we focus on speed and agility. Of course these are used in all styles of wrestling but freestyle is a very fast paced style.