Pizza Making Madness!

Pizza Pizza Everywhere

What an incredible turnout for our annual Pizza Making Weekend! On Saturday Dec. 18th we made a RECORD 5000 pizzas. This is by far the most pizzas we have ever made.

RECORD 5000 pizzas

5000 Pizzas in the ECO Freezer Truck

There are many groups to thank for there donation and assistance on this project. Thank you Reinhart for the supplies, ECO Inc. for the freezer semitruck, and Racine Kringle. This would not come together without your help and donations.

I want to also thank all the phenomenal volunteers that were generous enough to donate there time this weekend. We had over 80 volunteers working all day Saturday to accomplish our task.

over 2000 Kringles

Thanks you to the MWC Board members that work hard behind the scenes to make this happen as well. There is a lot of work to get everything put together, organized, and handed out in 3 days.